OEM/ODM China Roof Exhaust Fan - Ball valve – Yogem

Stainless Steel Casting for Food Machinery Almost all the food processing equipments are made in stainless steel due to its rust prevention capability. Such food processing equipments are normally assembled by many stainless steel components. So stainless steel casting is widely used for food machinery application! Stainless Steel Casting for Pump and Valve parts Stainless steel casting is the most widely used technique for pump and valve components. For its complicated design of valve and pump components, stainless steel casting is able to produce any complex shape. Pump and valve components from stainless steel casting are durable enough for severe service applications. So stainless steel casting is a cost efficient way and a popular selection for pump and valve applications. Mainly pump and valve parts are : pump body, pump impeller, valve body, valve bonnet, valve gland, ect. Stainless Steel Casting for Medical Equipments Stainless steel casting is able to produce a wide range of components for medical instrument manufacturers. Other Applications also use Stainless Steel Castings: Bathroom & Toilet fittings, Door & Windows, ect.